Birthday Ideas for Party Games

No birthday party is complete without birthday party games. There are games for all ages, even adults. The first thing you need to decide where the party will be held. If it is indoors choose different games since you will have less space than you would have with an outdoor party. When you know where the party will be held then you should decide upon the theme. If you are throwing a Little Mermaid themed party then you might want to come up with fish and water related game ideas.

Another important consideration is the age of the birthday child and his guests. Pick games that are age appropriate. You wouldn't want to embarrass your son by playing games considered by him to be for much younger kids. You also don't want games that are drawn out and boring as younger kids will lose interest quickly. Generally, any game that is fast moving and involves physical activity is a safe bet. This would include classics like Hot Potato and Musical Chairs.

You should also provide an opportunity for everyone to be a winner. Just because it is your son's birthday, you shouldn't let him win all the games. Provide a winner's gift for each child in attendance and find something each child can win. Children today are still enjoying the same birthday games you played as a child. If you are having difficulty with ideas, think back to your own childhood for inspiration.

Lastly, ask your son or daughter what type of birthday games they would like to play. Unless the birthday party is to be a surprise, the more input your child has the better your chance of throwing a party he will love so be sure to collaborate with him on birthday ideas.