First Birthday Ideas

Your baby's first birthday is an important milestone event for your entire family. Your baby will not remember the day or really appreciate any gifts she receives but it is still an important birthday, ranking right up there with sweet sixteen and the twenty-first birthday. The first birthday is more about memories and keepsakes. It celebrates the end of babyhood and the beginning of the toddler years. Here are a few first birthday ideas to help make the occasion a memorable one.

Invite close family rather than your baby's friends. You may consider having a party for the other babies in your child's playgroup or social circle, but really you will find that the recommended rule of thumb is that the number of kids invited to your child's party should equal their age. At one year of age, your baby does not have highly developed social skills yet so the first birthday party is traditionally devoted to close relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

This is the time for memories that last a lifetime so be sure to take plenty of pictures. Who doesn't have a first birthday picture of the baby smeared with birthday cake? Baby stores and party stores sell birthday decorations and other supplies that are made for first birthdays so you can decorate for the party as elaborately or as simply as you want. Just be very careful with balloons, candles, and other accessories which might endanger the child.

You will also find many personalized birthday ideas for this occasion such as picture frames and t-shirts which can also be given as birthday gifts. You can make a special keepsake for your child which will also be educational. Simply make duplicate copies of the photographs and select some of them to put in an album. Write a short simple sentence under each picture and arrange them in such a way that the album becomes a picture book which tells the story of baby's first birthday.

You will find no shortage of first birthday ideas, the problem will be deciding which one to settle on. Just remember that the first birthday is probably best celebrated with close family members and good gifts are those which double as keepsakes of the event.