Birthday Ideas for Man's Best Friend

Celebrate the birthday of a dog? If you have a dog you have probably done it especially if you have kids. It has become even more popular today since dogs seem to be in style and all kinds of accessories have come onto the market. Yes, dogs have birthdays and birthday parties too. Here are a few ideas for your dog's next birthday.

It is probably not a good idea to invite your dog's other dog friends to the party. Let your dog celebrate with them at the local dog park. You will have a hassle-free party if the guests are mostly humans.

It is important to keep in mind that while the guests might be human the birthday dog is not, so make sure you do not feed your dog human treats on the occasion. Don't let him eat cake, particularly if it is chocolate since chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Instead you can buy dog treats today that look like human food but are safe for dogs to eat. If you look in the ice cream freezer at your local grocery you will probably see ice cream for dogs. A popular pet store has a dog biscuit bar where you can design your own dog treats and choose from those that look identical to popular human cookies. Your dog will think he is eating ice cream and cookies like everyone else.

You already know that dogs have a way of sensing excitement in family members so don't expect your dog to be on his best behavior on his special day. He will probably be so happy to be the center of attention that he will be like a tail wagging machine.

Be especially careful of any small parts which might be on his presents and be sure to examine any toys given to him by guests to make sure they are safe before using. As with a party for a small child, keep the safety first motto in mind.

You can get as elaborate as you want with your dog's birthday ideas. You can go all out in a dog theme and send bone shaped invitations and have streamers and tableware decorated with dog patterns. This would be particularly fun for the kids of the family. Even if your kids are grown, you can still have a quiet celebration of your furry kid's birthday by fixing his favorite meal and giving him some new chew toys.