Birthday Ideas for Girls

Is there a special little girl in your life having a birthday soon? If so, you are probably in need of some birthday ideas. Of course, the type of party you give will ultimately depend upon the age of your girl, but there are some universal things which all girls seem to like no matter what their age.

Girls like girly things. For young ones a princess themed party would be a good choice. Little girls love to dress up in frilly costumes. Decorations can easily be found imprinted with a popular princess such as Jasmine, Ariel, or Cinderella. The birthday party can double as a costume party so all the little girls can wear their princess outfits.

Older girls love sleepovers so you could have a birthday slumber party and let the girls give each other beauty makeovers. Give them the freedom to apply makeup just for the night and try out new hairstyles.

Besides girly things, girls also love to have fun and another good birthday idea for girls is to have a party at a fun location such as an entertainment center with video games or a local water park.

Teen girls may prefer to spend the day with their friends and may not be into birthday parties so much. You can still make her birthday special by giving her a great gift and arranging for a fun outing with her friends at a theme park or just at the mall.

You will probably mull over many different birthday ideas for girls before deciding on one. What's important is that you have an age appropriate party so all the children are safe and you pick a theme according to your daughter's interests. Not all little girls like princesses. Yours might prefer a party theme about horses or soccer.