Birthday Ideas for Dad

For some reason, dads seem to get stuck with the same old birthday presents year after year such as ties and tools. And while dad usually appreciates the sentiment, wouldn't it be nice to give him a gift he really loves and will use? Here are a few birthday ideas for dad that might help.

Don't base your birthday ideas around something your dad has to do like work in the yard or repair the home. A rake or electric drill is not a very exciting gift and is something your dad can buy for himself when he needs it. Think about the things your dad enjoys or would like to try and base your gifts upon those ideas.

If your dad has always talked about learning to scuba dive but has never gotten around to it, you could give him the gift of an initial diving lesson so he can try it out. The same idea applies to any other activity he has spoken of. An initial or trial lesson shouldn't be too expensive and he won't be committed if he doesn't like it.

Another birthday idea for dad is to take him out to dinner. Dad is usually the one who picks up the tab for meals; so on his birthday let him eat anywhere he wants while you pick up the bill. This is a great gift idea from the kids especially if they need to put back a small part of their allowance each week for several months in order to save the money.

While mom might enjoy a weekend trip to a spa as a birthday gift, dad might prefer a weekend hunting trip with his buddies. Whatever it is, give him the weekend to relax and have fun away from the family either by himself or with his friends.

If you keep in mind the types of hobbies and fun activities your dad enjoys it becomes easy to think up great birthday ideas that will show him how much he is appreciated and loved.