Funny Birthday Ideas

Birthdays shouldn't be boring, and they won't be if you come up with some funny birthday ideas. There are countless gag gifts you can give to adults for birthday presents; you can even plan a whole birthday party around a funny themed idea. Kids are a little trickier as they don't appreciate funny birthdays as much except when it comes to the classic birthday clown. Even then you need to be careful with kids as many children have a fear of clowns and wouldn't find a clown funny at all.

One of the most popular funny birthday gifts for adults is the over-the-hill themed birthday party. Typically, decorations for this type of party include black streamers, black balloons, black hats, and black tableware. You can buy many different kinds of inexpensive over-the-hill gag gifts for the occasion.

You could also choose to give a funny birthday gift in the form of a hilarious movie DVD or comedy CD. This funny gift would actually be useful and not just a gag gift so it might be more appreciated.

Another funny birthday idea is to give a night out at a comedy club. Some comedians specialize in clean humor and humor geared at kids so this could even be a fun birthday surprise for your older kids. Almost any adult would appreciate a night of laughter as a birthday gift.

If you are looking to give a funny birthday present then look no further than right online for prank gift sites or visit your local party store. There are all kinds of gag gifts you can choose from that includes smelly things, noisy things, food pranks, witty signs, and fake body parts to name a few.

Funny birthday ideas are great for co-workers and friends of yours that have a great sense of humor.